Ken the Physiotherapist is earnest, sincere, knowledgeable and patient. The training sessions are conducted with passionate care, driving home a medical viewpoint that the treatment goal is to strengthen the muscles and protect the bones, which in turn improves my mobility and alleviates pain. I feel less anxious and more confident, becoming more self-motivated and enthusiastic in undertaking the exercise routine. The more effort I put in the better outcome I achieved, forming a virtuous circle. The hands-on step by step targeted training, using resistive bands to work the muscles of the limbs, squeezing a hand exerciser ball in the palm etc, all achieved positive effects.

Katrina the Occupational Therapist who helped with the purchase of my scooter worked with careful attention to details. She came to assess my residence, inspected the bathroom and voluntarily helped to adjust the height of my shower stool for maximum safety and convenience. She also checked the bed and mattress for appropriate height and softness, and even advised us to remove a small mat on the floor to avoid accidental trips and falls. I am deeply touched by her thorough care in treating me like her own family member.