Absolutely! We always encourage those who care about you to be involved in your rehabilitation. If you require assistance, your loved ones or carers can provide the assistance that the therapist would otherwise provide in an in-person appointment, under the guidance of our therapist of course. Simply put, the person providing assistance can be the hands of the therapist while our therapist can still provide their expertise on screen and oversee everything.

Therapists are really here to arm you with the knowledge of how to get yourself to where you want to be. That is why we call it self-management strategies. Once equipped with these strategies, you are more empowered to manage a difficult situation when it arises. And because your loved ones or carers are involved in your telehealth sessions, they too will know what to do in a tricky situation. Having a team around you on your rehabilitation journey to cheer you on and also keep you accountable makes it that much better.

Telehealth not only provides this opportunity but encourages it.