1. Say goodbye to long waiting lists

The nature of telehealth allows therapists to continue providing quality care without traveling to clients’ homes. By maximizing clinical time, therapists can fit in more clients in their work day thereby cutting down your wait time significantly.

2. Geographical barriers are removed

Having difficulty accessing certain healthcare services where you live? Seeking another therapist to try a different approach but there aren’t any others around your area? With telehealth, you can now access therapists across Australia!

3. Maximise your therapy funding

Since there are no travel costs involved as our therapist does not need to travel to you, you have much more funding for therapy. This means more therapy sessions!

4. Save your time

When you don’t have to travel to a clinic, you save time and also travel costs. No more aggravation of body pain from prolonged sitting in the car. Have therapy at peak hour without worrying about the traffic on the way home. Get right back to what you need to do after your appointment!

5. Improved involvement of family members and/or carers in your rehabilitation

Having family members and/or carers help out during your telehealth sessions provide them the opportunity to learn alongside you from our therapist. With this knowledge, they can be more involved in your rehabilitation and keep you motivated. Who doesn’t like their very own cheerleading squad?

6. Remove the risk of catching COVID-19

There is an increasing problem of people neglecting their health during this pandemic. You find yourself in a dilemma when you really need to see your therapist to fix your recent flare-up but are afraid of the possibility of catching COVID-19. With telehealth, you are able to put yourself first without the extra worry of exposing yourself to COVID-19.