Health Journey Partner, based in Sydney, is a growing NDIS registered healthcare provider created with the vision to provide world class care for all in Australia.

Over the years we have seen people with disabilities struggle to get easily accessible and equal healthcare opportunities – HJP was created to fill that burgeoning void. Our vision is to empower you with self-managing tools to craft the life you envision. At the core of our mission is the commitment to enrich every life we encounter through the expansion and sharing of knowledge. We aim to consistently add value and cultivate a positive impact in the journey of each individual. In addition, we give 5% of profits to charities.

Filled with an overpowering passion to help people, our experienced clinicians go above and beyond to provide high quality services at our clients’ convenience in their homes and also in the form of telehealth. Our wide range of community-based services include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Dietetics, Speech Therapy, Psychology and Counselling services for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants aged 18+.

HJP looks forward to be your partner on your journey to improved health and wellbeing – together we can build a better future for all.

4 Things We Do Differently for Your Benefit

Your one-stop shop for all your allied health needs

Most organisations do not provide such a comprehensive range of allied health services. The problem that arises from this is possible miscommunication and lost information in the process of patient handover from one organisation to the next if a client requires several allied health services. However, because we provide a comprehensive service under one roof, this problem is mitigated when our disciplines cross refer.

We maximise your therapy funds

We pride ourselves on patient care by maximising their funds for therapy. As per NDIS guidelines, providers can charge travel expenses for each way up to 60 minutes for the last client of the day. We do not do this. We only ever charge a maximum of 30 minutes travel round trip for any and every appointment. Furthermore, when you choose to receive services via telehealth, you will not be spending any of your funds on travel expenses. This means more funding for therapy!

Highly experienced clinicians

We are home to a team of highly experienced and passionate individuals who go the extra mile to help clients and provide an unmatched level of care. With empathy and compassion, each member on our team works hard to exceed expectations and transform lives for the better.

Exceptionally personalised 1:1 services

We value that everyone is an individual with their own unique needs, especially in the disability sector. Even with the same disability, no two people are the same as everyone’s circumstances are different. Therefore, our therapy sessions are, and forever will be, 1:1. We don’t run group classes.